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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Glimpse of Iraq: Shalash al Iraqi

A Glimpse of Iraq is another blog in which you'll find the thoughts, feelings and raw emotions of Iraqis. Here is an excerpt:
The fearsome nights are stifling us and we now have come to hate the Fall [of Baghdad]; we hate Liberation; we hate Sunnis; we hate Shiites; we hate turbans and sidaras [Baghdadi head gear – a reference to Adnan al-Dulaimi a ‘Sunni’ politician]; we hate Jihad and Jihadists, resistance and resistors; we hate concrete; we hate streets and sidewalks; we hate the Ministries; we hate Establishments; we hate news channels and news and communiqués; we hate the Parliament that has now become a venue for swearing-in ceremonies and nothing else; we hate songs; we hate commercials; we hate newspapers; we hate cars and car-depots; we hate conferences; we hate ‘surprise visits’; we hate neighboring countries; we hate the ‘multinational forces; we hate the night; we hate the day; we hate Summer; we hate the sun that sends hell; we hate sleep; we hate water and electricity; we hate petrol and corruption and theft; we hate sectarianism; we hate sectarian ‘allocations’; we hate Reconciliation; we hate the government of national unity; we hate committees and Commissions of Integrity, Trash, Rehabilitation and Silliness; we hate [political] parties and organizations; we hate assemblies, demonstrations, banners and chants; we hate laughter; we hate crying; we hate work; we hate study; we hate each other. And we hate ourselves. But (and this is our problem) we still love something that was called Iraq. - Shalash al-Iraqi [emphasis added]


  • One get some hope visiting your "very much commented" blog. Namely, the fact that I don't see anybody bothering to comment racist, imbecilic, idiotic, immoral products of your filthy and twisted mind is encouraging.

    Sorry for stopping by, I'll never do it again. I came just from sheer curiosity - what the "blog" of nazi who use word "pallywood" looks like. As expected it looks like its owner - stupid.

    By Blogger pitbull, at 5:22 PM  

  • Thank you for taking the time to read some of my entries. Even the most recalcitrant and corrupt of minds retains an infinitesimal flicker of light with which to identify the truth admist a sea of lies.

    The use of an ad hominem argument, especially when deployed to commence a debate, is indacative of an interlocutor's fear that his argument(s) would not survive the crucible of reason.

    More importantly, any man who would make a hero of Samir Kuntar -- the same despicable Kuntar that purposely shattered the skull of a four year old girl, an act taken without regard to tactical military value, but instead for the utter cruelty of it -- deserves nothing but our basest contempt. Yet, you spend your free time, your hours of leisure, defending those who do.

    Shame on you, pitbull.

    By Blogger jared, at 3:12 AM  

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