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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Glimpse of Iraq: Shalash al Iraqi

A Glimpse of Iraq is another blog in which you'll find the thoughts, feelings and raw emotions of Iraqis. Here is an excerpt:
The fearsome nights are stifling us and we now have come to hate the Fall [of Baghdad]; we hate Liberation; we hate Sunnis; we hate Shiites; we hate turbans and sidaras [Baghdadi head gear – a reference to Adnan al-Dulaimi a ‘Sunni’ politician]; we hate Jihad and Jihadists, resistance and resistors; we hate concrete; we hate streets and sidewalks; we hate the Ministries; we hate Establishments; we hate news channels and news and communiqués; we hate the Parliament that has now become a venue for swearing-in ceremonies and nothing else; we hate songs; we hate commercials; we hate newspapers; we hate cars and car-depots; we hate conferences; we hate ‘surprise visits’; we hate neighboring countries; we hate the ‘multinational forces; we hate the night; we hate the day; we hate Summer; we hate the sun that sends hell; we hate sleep; we hate water and electricity; we hate petrol and corruption and theft; we hate sectarianism; we hate sectarian ‘allocations’; we hate Reconciliation; we hate the government of national unity; we hate committees and Commissions of Integrity, Trash, Rehabilitation and Silliness; we hate [political] parties and organizations; we hate assemblies, demonstrations, banners and chants; we hate laughter; we hate crying; we hate work; we hate study; we hate each other. And we hate ourselves. But (and this is our problem) we still love something that was called Iraq. - Shalash al-Iraqi [emphasis added]

"abolish the fountains of terror in Gaza"

I highly reccommend the Iraq the Model blog; it has been truly inspiring. There, I found this quote, among many others:

And to Olmert I say: Go forward and abolish the fountains of terror in Gaza" - A free Iraqi: Baghdad
Reading this post was like glimpsing a single ray of sunshine after being confined too long to the dark.

Hope is still alive.